Saturday, January 25, 2014

Conscious Box [Vegan] January Review! (+Free Samples & Coupon Codes!)

I got my Vegan Conscious Box a couple days ago and it was packed full of goodies!

They included lots of great full-sized items! Woo! :)

Also, I think they're trying to clear out their stock of samples or something, because I got a few repeats. It's all good though, they were good repeats ;)

Blue Avocado: RAP (it's a cushion to wrap around grocery bag handles for comfort) - $3 value

I could only find it for sale on Ebay... I guess it's a REALLY old product; it's still neat though and will probably get used, if I remember it. Oh, I know! I'll give it to my Mom who has some arthritis in her hands!

Yumm another 2 Degrees Bar! I got the same one in my December Conscious Box but I don't mind! I'm always running around, rushing so healthy food bars are a great go to for me; esp. delicious ones!

And unfortunately, I won't be trying the Fig Bar since I follow a Gluten Free diet. Oh well, it will be appreciated by some other hungry person ;)

The lip balm is fantastic! I have trouble finding lip balms that don't dry out my lips and that don't make me break out around my mouth. It also doesn't have that weird medicinal taste/flavor/feeling that Chapsticks usually have. Eww. I might purchase this lip balm when I'm done with the (full-size!) sample:)

Wow! Expensive sun screen! What a nice inclusion in this Conscious Box! I've been trying to wear more sunscreen daily; I do it every day on my face but need to put more on my chest and neck area. This arrived at the perfect time!

As for a review I tried it yesterday an the smell is great, it absorbs quickly, no residue/oiliness/etc. This is a great sunscreen and lotion! I'll be using this daily:)

BumBoosa Baby Wipes Sample (1 wipe) - $0.08 [Get 10 FREE SAMPLES via the link - doesn't ship everywhere though -- I tried to get some and got the message that they don't ship to where I live which is a pretty big city near an even bigger city...]

I received the same sample in my December Conscious Box, but like I said last month, one can never have too many wet wipes! I carry them everywhere and use them to clean everything! It's great for the bathroom of course, but also a great cleaning wipe for fresh stains, house messes, etc.

Mountain Green: Natural Laundry Detergent (30mL) - $0.83 [Get a sample pack- 3 of the detergents & 3 fabric softeners for $4.99 via the link]

Haven't tried Amala products yet but am excited to! Expensive, so hopefully the quality will be high as well!

Raw Juvenate: Organic Vegan Protein (21g - 1 Serving)- $1.50

Yum! I've had vegan protein before as a topping on food but never as a shake! Definitely giving this a go for breakfast next week! And it's GF!!

Might Leaf Tea Sampler (3 tea bags) - $1.67 value

[if you want $10 for free to spend at Mighty Lead, send me your email address and I'll send you the link! You also can get 15% off by signing up for their emails! :)]

Hemp Hearts (15g) - $0.80

I sprinkled some hearts on my cereal yesterday and am happy to say it didn't change the flavor much at all! I used to put flax in my cereals occasionally but hated the gritty dusty texture and flavor of the flax so that didn't last long. I could totally see myself using these every day though!

Health Mate $1500 Off Coupon... I don't even care what this is for LOL, there is no way I'm spending anywhere near $1500 on anything in the near future (other than school), so there is no way I will be using this coupon haha. Please feel free to use the code if you would like! Email me if you want the info:)

MRM "Cram" Alertness Dietary Supplements (3 capsules) - $1.10 value [*4% Cashbates via Ebates for*]

I'm taking the TEAS V on Monday (with 2 days to study) so I'm definitely going to be trying these supplements out this weekend (I probably won't use it the day of the test in case I have a negative reaction to it -- like too much jitteriness from the Caffeine or something -- I'll just stick to getting a good night's rest to be awake for the test)

** UPDATE (1/31): I tried the Cram supplements (only 1 at a time though, instead of the serving of 3 pills) and it gave me a slight energy boost without jitteriness!) 
I prefer the K-Pax Energy supplements from my 1st Conscious Box though. **

BioBag: Pet Waste Disposal Bag - $0.14 [*6% Cashback at via Ebates!*]

I will give this to my Mom who has the cutest little pitbull:)

January [Vegan] Conscious Box Total Value: $57.40 (not including S&H)!

Wowow! What a great box this month! My 3 month subscription just ended but I'm definitely signing up again once they have another deal:)... if I can wait that long!

What was in your Conscious Box this month??

xo, T

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