Monday, February 3, 2014

Kaufmann Mercantile $500 Valentine Giftcard Contest!

I HAD to post this! I LOOVE this shop! Kaufman Mercantile... they sell a nice curated mix of very well designed products (function & aesthetics), and they're based in one of my fav cities... NYC! 

You do have to make a purchase though, which sucks, but it is SO easy to find something you like from their selection! And the prices are fairly reasonable for most items; which is KEY! ;) Towards the end of the post is a pic of one item I'm going to purchase that's actually under $10, and made of brass! Brass is pricey! My bf recently bought a thin brass rod that was ~1.5 ft long and it cost over $20 at Home Depot!!

I sort of wanted to be selfish and not add more competition to this contest buuuut, I'm feeling nice today and want that shop to get more business, since I love love love their selection ;) Love promoting the smaller/independent business, since I was one myself a couple yrs ago and know what the struggles can be like. Fortunately, Kaufmann Merc. seems to be doing fine ;)

This is the I'm going to finally buy this keyring I've been wanting for like 6 months. It's only $10, but it keeps getting sold out!

(**just fyi: Kaufmann Mercantile doesn't know I'm promoting their business and I'm not getting any compensation. I really do just love the look of their site and especially their product selection/merchandising/etc.**)

Ok, back to my To Do List... Ugh....

Oh, and I'll be posting my February Julep Maven review soon, so check back for that ;)

xo, T

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