Friday, January 31, 2014

Cult Cosmetics Penny Promo Review (+Coupon Codes for 1cent nail kit + FREE shipping)!!

More 1 cent nail polish from Cult Cosmetics!! I loooove this deal! I have ordered FOUR boxes using this code! 

This is the 2nd one I ordered. I just received the 3rd, so I'll post pics up tomorrow hopefully :)

Out of this box I've used the botanical base coat (the greenish one) and the nude polish, which I layered with the gold sparkly polish from my 1st pennypolish shipment from Cult (here is the post for that one).

Use this code to get, what seems like, ANY of their boxes for $5.01!! (That's 1 cent for the box and $5 for S&H!!!) I still cannot believe how awesome this deal is! I really hope it's not an accident or something! Well, either way I'm definitely going to purchase full price items from them in the future and will keep spreading the word about how awesome they are in the mean time ;)

COUPON CODES (apply at checkout):
Free Shipping: "NEXT"
Blackbox Nail Kits for 1 cent: "PENNYPOLISH"


xo, T

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

January 2014 Birchbox Review!

Got my Birchbox last week! Always excited about this one :) From what I've seen on other blogs, it looks like everyone got a slightly different box, some better than others of course. Mine was pretty good for my "beauty lifestyle" I guess you could call it. I have a VERY low maintenance daily routine and play with products on the weekends or when I have some real free time (usually my "free" time is filled with my many projects/chores/errands/favors for others/etc...). 

Anyway, back to my point of the box matching my routine pretty well...

My daily makeup consists of:
*Neutrogena Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 30
*Some sort of blush (stain, cream, powder -- depending on how much time I have and where I am applying it -- stain (need mirror & good lighting), cream (good for rushing/on-the-go/at the stop light... i know, i know... dangerous but at least I'm at a light and not doing it while driving! :P)
*Concealer (I've switched out my old L'Oreal one for the Chella highlighter stick I got in a past Birchbox)
*Lip Balm/Gloss/Stain
*Mascara (2-step kind)

The contents of my box included many things that I'll defintiely use! Cheek stain, dry shampoo (!!), tinted face lotion w/ SPF, tea, and body lotion! See the goods below :) ...

Yay another tinted moisturizer! This one has SPF 20 though... I prefer higher (as I mentioned earlier, my Neutrogena one has SPF 30).

When I 1st tried this I mixed it with my current tinted cream because I thought it was going to be too light, but I recently tried it alone and it totally blended in AND didn't make me look more pale at all! I do like it to be a tiny bit darker than my color though (like my Neutrogena lotion), sort of gives a "glow" but doesn't look like too dark foundation. Also, it's about twice as much than my current one and has less SPF so I don't know if this will be a long term use thing for me. 

Good: blends well (even though it looked too light), has SPF, not too heavy/not too light
Bad: not enough SPF, expensive, not tinted enough

Whish: Body Butter [Pomegranate] (20mL) -$3.20 value

My Mom was visiting when I received this box and she fell in LOVE with this lotion. If I hadn't as well I would've given it to her lol! I'm going to keep this in mind for when present giving time comes around again; she would love a full size bottle I'm sure ;) The scent was more like passionfruit (according to my Mom) but still delicious smelling

Good: Absorbed quickly, , and it was a medium consistency -- not too watery, not too thick, great scent
Bad: None from me!

I LOVED this sample! I try to not wash my hair often because it tends to get really dry and also it takes awhile to dry and I'm always running around busy lol, just being honest here! 

Anyway, I have really dark brown hair and in the past used baby powder to soak up oil but hated the smell. I was preparing to make a DIY dry shampoo w/ cocoa powder & what not when I got my Birchbox with this gem in it! 

I've used it a couple times already (I got the box a few weeks ago fyi :P) and it works GREAT for me! Just a few sprays, let it sit for a couple mins, brush it out and you're good to go! I've only used it before putting my hair up in a bun though, so I'm not sure how well it works if you want to wear your hair down.

Good: does what it should and does it well! No visible residue, nice light scent.
Bad: Slightly pricey, but def worth it for me!

Benefit: Benetint (2.5mL) - $6 value

I used to use this in Highschool & part of early college -- before I really started paying for my own things lol - Benetint is like $30 for a bottle!! So, I was happy to add this to my makeup bag again, and it's a sample so it's tiny (adorable) and fits so well in my little makeup bag!

However, I need to get more practice using this stain as I've clearly forgotten how. Whenever I use it I just look splotchy. I'll discover my old technique again soon! ;)

FYI skin type (for makeup review): My skin is mixed hardcore = italian/german/brazilian mix/english [i.e. can get very pale in winter, can tan well but doesn't last long, can burn too, slightly yellow skin tone, combination skin - but more dry than oily, at least in the winter lol]

Most of the good & bad are sort of interchangeable... It's watery (good/bad based on your preference), it last a LONG time (good if applied well/bad if you're a noob like me and make it look splotchy).
More Good: nice light scent, great light natural looking stain for lips
More Bad: Pricey, takes some practice to apply.

Tea is always nice to have around :) No bad aspects here! Unless it was either tea or another beauty product; I'd prefer more product less tea in that case, bc I can go buy my own specific tea that I like.

Birchbox also included these resolution cards, kind of a waste of paper I think. I barely looked at them. What are we supposed to do with them? I don't get it lol. I mean I know there are some good suggestions, but did they really need to print out this huge thing on nice cardstock to just be recycled or thrown out?

Total: $20.48 value (not including S&H, etc.)

What did you get in YOUR Birchbox?! I'm curious! 

Now, I'm going to go out and enjoy what's left of my "snow day" in S.E. Texas :P

xo, T

P.S. If you're interested in signing up for Birchbox, I'd be SUPER appreciative and thankful if you use my referral link:) As you may know from my profile, I'm currently applying to a Nursing program so funds are extremely limited. Getting some referral points will totally help keep my reviews going! I enjoy doing this because I know how hard it is to get real HONEST reviews of products. I'm so sick of reading paid reviews, etc etc so that's not what I do here. I keep it real :) 
Thank you ladies & gents <3

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Conscious Box [Vegan] January Review! (+Free Samples & Coupon Codes!)

I got my Vegan Conscious Box a couple days ago and it was packed full of goodies!

They included lots of great full-sized items! Woo! :)

Also, I think they're trying to clear out their stock of samples or something, because I got a few repeats. It's all good though, they were good repeats ;)

Blue Avocado: RAP (it's a cushion to wrap around grocery bag handles for comfort) - $3 value

I could only find it for sale on Ebay... I guess it's a REALLY old product; it's still neat though and will probably get used, if I remember it. Oh, I know! I'll give it to my Mom who has some arthritis in her hands!

Yumm another 2 Degrees Bar! I got the same one in my December Conscious Box but I don't mind! I'm always running around, rushing so healthy food bars are a great go to for me; esp. delicious ones!

And unfortunately, I won't be trying the Fig Bar since I follow a Gluten Free diet. Oh well, it will be appreciated by some other hungry person ;)

The lip balm is fantastic! I have trouble finding lip balms that don't dry out my lips and that don't make me break out around my mouth. It also doesn't have that weird medicinal taste/flavor/feeling that Chapsticks usually have. Eww. I might purchase this lip balm when I'm done with the (full-size!) sample:)

Wow! Expensive sun screen! What a nice inclusion in this Conscious Box! I've been trying to wear more sunscreen daily; I do it every day on my face but need to put more on my chest and neck area. This arrived at the perfect time!

As for a review I tried it yesterday an the smell is great, it absorbs quickly, no residue/oiliness/etc. This is a great sunscreen and lotion! I'll be using this daily:)

BumBoosa Baby Wipes Sample (1 wipe) - $0.08 [Get 10 FREE SAMPLES via the link - doesn't ship everywhere though -- I tried to get some and got the message that they don't ship to where I live which is a pretty big city near an even bigger city...]

I received the same sample in my December Conscious Box, but like I said last month, one can never have too many wet wipes! I carry them everywhere and use them to clean everything! It's great for the bathroom of course, but also a great cleaning wipe for fresh stains, house messes, etc.

Mountain Green: Natural Laundry Detergent (30mL) - $0.83 [Get a sample pack- 3 of the detergents & 3 fabric softeners for $4.99 via the link]

Haven't tried Amala products yet but am excited to! Expensive, so hopefully the quality will be high as well!

Raw Juvenate: Organic Vegan Protein (21g - 1 Serving)- $1.50

Yum! I've had vegan protein before as a topping on food but never as a shake! Definitely giving this a go for breakfast next week! And it's GF!!

Might Leaf Tea Sampler (3 tea bags) - $1.67 value

[if you want $10 for free to spend at Mighty Lead, send me your email address and I'll send you the link! You also can get 15% off by signing up for their emails! :)]

Hemp Hearts (15g) - $0.80

I sprinkled some hearts on my cereal yesterday and am happy to say it didn't change the flavor much at all! I used to put flax in my cereals occasionally but hated the gritty dusty texture and flavor of the flax so that didn't last long. I could totally see myself using these every day though!

Health Mate $1500 Off Coupon... I don't even care what this is for LOL, there is no way I'm spending anywhere near $1500 on anything in the near future (other than school), so there is no way I will be using this coupon haha. Please feel free to use the code if you would like! Email me if you want the info:)

MRM "Cram" Alertness Dietary Supplements (3 capsules) - $1.10 value [*4% Cashbates via Ebates for*]

I'm taking the TEAS V on Monday (with 2 days to study) so I'm definitely going to be trying these supplements out this weekend (I probably won't use it the day of the test in case I have a negative reaction to it -- like too much jitteriness from the Caffeine or something -- I'll just stick to getting a good night's rest to be awake for the test)

** UPDATE (1/31): I tried the Cram supplements (only 1 at a time though, instead of the serving of 3 pills) and it gave me a slight energy boost without jitteriness!) 
I prefer the K-Pax Energy supplements from my 1st Conscious Box though. **

BioBag: Pet Waste Disposal Bag - $0.14 [*6% Cashback at via Ebates!*]

I will give this to my Mom who has the cutest little pitbull:)

January [Vegan] Conscious Box Total Value: $57.40 (not including S&H)!

Wowow! What a great box this month! My 3 month subscription just ended but I'm definitely signing up again once they have another deal:)... if I can wait that long!

What was in your Conscious Box this month??

xo, T

Monday, January 20, 2014

Taste Guru December 2013 Review!

Wowow, holiday season was nuts this year. Busy to the max! Trying to catch up on posts now, hope it's not too outdated! Well, anyway it gave me some time to try a bunch of the stuff out so I can post reviews as well! Yay ;)

This one is for the December 2013 Taste Guru (Gluten Free) Box. They send you full size and samples of gluten free food/drink products. I originally signed up with a 2-for-1 coupon and somehow ended up receiving 3 boxes! Mistake? Treat!!

Yum! I've tried this before from the Taste Guru Nov 2013 box (Cherry flavor); blueberry was delicious as well!
FruitChia Bar: Blueberry Blast - $1.99

I haven't tried this out yet but we have pizza sauce and toppings list ready to make a pizza soon!
At the Table Together: GF Easy Make Pizza Dough - $1.68 value

Mediterranean Snacks: Baked Lentil Chips (Parmesan Garlic) - $0.76
Average lentil chips. Good, but nothing that would make me buy this one over a different brand.

Southern Mint Herbal Tea - $0.62 value (the link is for a shop that also has an Ebates cash back deal;)
Gorge Delights: Just Fruit Bar (Apple Cherry) - $2.10 value
The Just Fruit bar was delicious! Just sweet enough and the right mix of fruit flavors. I'd buy it again.

Oven Baked Organics: GF Pancake Mix - $4 (*their shop is having a sale right now! Orig Price: $5)
Food Should Taste Good: Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips - $1.33

This box's total base value (not counting S&H, etc.): $17.47
This was a great deal for me since I think I got it on accident or it was still part of that 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 deal I signed up for awhile back... Buuuut... if I had paid $39 for the box (which is their one time price - price goes down the more months you sign up for), I would've been a bit disappointed. It will be cheaper for me to browse online GF food stores or my local grocery. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Penny December Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics) Review (+Exclusive FREE SHIP Coupon Code & $0.01 Box)!!

Just received a Cult Blackbox
It's my 1st one; I took advantage of their Penny Box deal right after Christmas. 
I'd been wanting to try it out since Ive had such a great experience with Julep. 

This box was the December Blackbox:

So far I've tried out only the grey polish. It's a fairly dark grey. I had to put on a couple of coats of polish on most of my nails, the first coat was hard to get on evenly without multiple coats. I was a little disappointed with that, guess I've become spoiled with the high quality polishes I've bought from Julep. Oh we'll, hopefully it's just the grey. 
If I remember, I'll post an update here about the quality of the red and gold polishes:)

Despite my not too great first impression after using the grey, I do think Cult's Blackbox can be a pretty good deal if you take advantage of all the awesome sales they offer! I was able to use the code twice so total I'm receiving 6 polishes with 2 tools for $10.02 (each box was $0.01 +$5 for S&H), such an awesome deal! So awesome I'm definitely purchasing a full price box in the near future (then probably more after that, lol) as a thanks for the awesome sales ;)

*note: I used the code in 2 different transactions. I used it once right after the code was released, then I think about a week later when I received an email promoting the code. I used the same login info too so I assume if there we're restrictions they would've cancelled it, right?* 

Their Penny Blackbox sale is STILL happening!! I think it's only for a specific box they recently put together, but still great colors! Click pic below to go to their FB pg for more info, or just click here to go directly to the sale on their website -- remember to type in the coupon code at checkout! PENNYPOLISH

Check back for review updates and a post about the 2nd penny Blackbox I mentioned above. Should be here this week!! 

I received this Free Shipping directly from Cult Cosmetics who gave me the green light to share it with my wonderful readers, yay! Enjoy;)
*btw: not sure if the free ship works with the Penny Sale - I honestly completely forgot about it! :(

Enter Code: freeship4u at check out!

Have a wonderful night!

-xo, T