Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Penny December Blackbox by Cult Cosmetics) Review (+Exclusive FREE SHIP Coupon Code & $0.01 Box)!!

Just received a Cult Blackbox
It's my 1st one; I took advantage of their Penny Box deal right after Christmas. 
I'd been wanting to try it out since Ive had such a great experience with Julep. 

This box was the December Blackbox:

So far I've tried out only the grey polish. It's a fairly dark grey. I had to put on a couple of coats of polish on most of my nails, the first coat was hard to get on evenly without multiple coats. I was a little disappointed with that, guess I've become spoiled with the high quality polishes I've bought from Julep. Oh we'll, hopefully it's just the grey. 
If I remember, I'll post an update here about the quality of the red and gold polishes:)

Despite my not too great first impression after using the grey, I do think Cult's Blackbox can be a pretty good deal if you take advantage of all the awesome sales they offer! I was able to use the code twice so total I'm receiving 6 polishes with 2 tools for $10.02 (each box was $0.01 +$5 for S&H), such an awesome deal! So awesome I'm definitely purchasing a full price box in the near future (then probably more after that, lol) as a thanks for the awesome sales ;)

*note: I used the code in 2 different transactions. I used it once right after the code was released, then I think about a week later when I received an email promoting the code. I used the same login info too so I assume if there we're restrictions they would've cancelled it, right?* 

Their Penny Blackbox sale is STILL happening!! I think it's only for a specific box they recently put together, but still great colors! Click pic below to go to their FB pg for more info, or just click here to go directly to the sale on their website -- remember to type in the coupon code at checkout! PENNYPOLISH

Check back for review updates and a post about the 2nd penny Blackbox I mentioned above. Should be here this week!! 

I received this Free Shipping directly from Cult Cosmetics who gave me the green light to share it with my wonderful readers, yay! Enjoy;)
*btw: not sure if the free ship works with the Penny Sale - I honestly completely forgot about it! :(

Enter Code: freeship4u at check out!

Have a wonderful night!

-xo, T

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