Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Waittt, What?! $15 free at Modcloth!

What what?! There's a credit program at Modcloth!


If you want to shop there use my link and you'll get $15 for FREE!! I get some back too, which is awesome but seeing as I'm on a huge budget, I can't really shop anyway and their stuff is def over $15, lol! But hey, you can totally take advantage of this and get $15 free to apply to your next wonderfully cute dress!

I've only been able to buy one dress from them. It was over 2 years ago, for a bridesmaids dress haha. I've only worn it once and cost $90... Tad pricey for me, but it was super cute even on all different sized girls! 

I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!!


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Birchbox Review [April 2014]

April Birchbox!

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I'm just now catching up on internet stuff! Phew! What a crazy past couple of months! I'm finishing up my 1st (and maybe last?) year of teaching secondary homeschoolers, adopted an adorable lil homeless shar-pei AND am preparing to begin nursing school this summer/fall in a new city! Crazy (but exciting!) times!!

Anyway, on to the goodies! I'm going to be brief with this because it's close to bed time andd I'm expecting my May box soon so I'll spend more time on that one hopefully!! Life is about to get even crazier, so you never know lol! :P

I think you may just be interested in what's included in the box anyway, so here it issss ;) ...

Hmm... not sure what this is really for... Transition from what?? What's a braid out and a twist out?? I'm sooo confused, and I haven't had time to look this up. Maybe I'll look into these trading websites I've read about on other blogs...

I was a little annoyed at getting a granola bar in my Birchbox, but it ended up being handy because it came before one of my frequent out-of-town drives and forget to eat sometimes... I chomped on this during the drive and it was pretty yummy! I was pleasantly surprised because I'm not a big fan of Kind Bars... they're always way too dry and sticky for me, like I need a huge glass of milk or a gallon of water to eat one. This one, however, was more chewy and subtly flavored with sweet and saltiness. I would actually purchase this again if I saw it at the grocery! I wouldn't order it though.

Blehhh! Used it during my trips to visit my boyfriend and was not impressed, actually there was not much emotion when using it because it was just blehhh. Bleh smell, bleh feeling on my skin, bleh everything. Reminds me of a cheap bodywash one can get at walmart.

I much prefer my Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Liquid Castille Soap (which I can even use on my dog AND drives away fleas!!!)

Not too happy when I saw either of these. Purple eye liner?! Whaaaat?? Am I in middle school?? Lol! It actually ended up being much darker than I expected, but I was still a little put off... I tried to take a pic, its a bit dark but fairly accurate... at least on my skin haha.

Anyway, I tried it the other night for a little party and it looked fine over light black eye shadow, but it faded fairly quickly and in patches which I hate! I'll have to do a post about eyeliners i LOVE that work wonderfully on my combo skin (dry in winter, a bit greasy in summer bc I sweat a lot... hydrated in some areas, dry/peeling on others-like my nose haha)

As for the nail polish... also really young looking... pearly mint green. I like mint green, but pearly... BLEH! As soon as I painted my nails with it, I wanted it off! I couldn't find my nail polish remover and got SO upset, it was kind of funny. I ended up keeping it on, then got lazy... it looked better as it chipped away ;P

I guess I was a little disappointed with this month's Birchbox... probably more so because it was my birthday month, and who doesn't want [or expect, lol] everything to go as you want on your birthday?! :P

Buuuut, I have had such great Birchboxes that I am going to stay with it. It's the only one I am regularly subscribed to currently! Between the new pooch with serious ear infections (that I found out about right after adopting the poor lil guy at his 1st checkup :( ) and nursing school costs, this is the ONE thing I splurge on for myself haha. Love the little surprises in a box though! Especially when it comes during especially stressful times!! :D


Well, phew! I said I was going to be brief and then wrote a freaking book!!

Bedtime!! Thanks for reading! Good night! ;)


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spicy Subscriptions [March 2014] Review (+Coupon!)

Oops, yet another I forgot to post :(

Since it is a late post and there's better stuff I want to spend time posting on, I'll just give you pictures of what was included for reference, in case you're curious about the types of products Spicy Subscriptions includes in their boxes:

I just have to include that I wasn't happy with their service at all. Communication was terrible and it was just done in a shady way. It took forever for them to respond to questions and concerns. They weren't clear about their terms, its impossible to log in to your account, they include less items than what is advertised... Just saying, I'll probably try a different box for this type of stuff. I like the idea! It was just very poorly done by them... From what I've read online, many people have been unhappy with their service :(

Free Pair of Eyeglasses!!

Whaaat! Deals! I'm finally getting a chance to catch up on internet stuff! Yay!

I got my eyes checked last week (it had been a few years!) and was searching the web for some cheap pairs when I came across Coastal! They give you your 1st pair free!! Awesome deal! 

I'm browsing through the eligible pairs now and I'm hoping shipping won't be too pricey. On their website they say shipping is usually around $20, which isn't too bad considering the first pair is FREE! :D

Have any of you used them before?? I'm sorta excited!

Here is screenshot from their website for reference ;)
I hope you're enjoying your summer so far!