Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spicy Subscriptions [March 2014] Review (+Coupon!)

Oops, yet another I forgot to post :(

Since it is a late post and there's better stuff I want to spend time posting on, I'll just give you pictures of what was included for reference, in case you're curious about the types of products Spicy Subscriptions includes in their boxes:

I just have to include that I wasn't happy with their service at all. Communication was terrible and it was just done in a shady way. It took forever for them to respond to questions and concerns. They weren't clear about their terms, its impossible to log in to your account, they include less items than what is advertised... Just saying, I'll probably try a different box for this type of stuff. I like the idea! It was just very poorly done by them... From what I've read online, many people have been unhappy with their service :(

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