Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rocks Box Review! (October 2013)

My first Rocks Box! I signed up for the free month trial and I received my first box a few weeks later. (I used the Coupon Code: FBROCKS to get the free month, I don't know if it still works. If it doesn't you can click on my link to get $10 off your 1st box! Hey, better than nothing! It seems like many of these boxes will have free promos until they get popular then they switch to just discounts… sucks, but oh well… it makes sense)… 

Anyway, Rocks Box, is basically a jewelry rental subscription. I think it's good for people who like to discover new designers, don't care to keep things for long (aka: chronic throw/give awayers, lol), or for those who like to wear jewelry that's a little more pricey but can't afford to buy it at the moment.

This is the Rocks Box description:

I liked 2 out of  3 in this jewelry set, but it didn't really fit with my style exactly so I sent it back the next day. But seriously, I was surprised that I even liked anything in the first box. This is a stylist service, so they learn about what you like as you give them feedback, so I wasn't expecting to like much in the 1st box, because I guess... I'm really specific, lol. But I DID like things! I just didn't like really specific things, like: necklace chain length, the size of the pendant and earrings, etc. (I included some pics of the jewelry on me, so you can get an idea about what they look like on).

However, I filled out my comment card (they include a card for you to send back with your box so the stylists can be more successful or accurate when they are picking out things that you like)… and I just got notification that my 2nd Rocks Box, is on the way! 

I was able to get a preview and am already excited to see what they look like on! Seems like they really read and took my comments into account when picking out the new pieces… I don't know why they wouldn't though, lol, it's a business and they're trying to sell stuff, so that would be the way to do it! Pick out stuff people want to buy! 

Anyway, I noticed that they even typed up my comments for the first jewelry box in the comments sections for my "Past Sets" in my Account. I appreciated that part a lot; one less thing I have to do! ;)

Well, here's my first Rocks Box! Druzies, nature inspired themes! I looove the theme!! 
(At the bottom I included a screenshot of my comment page, so you can get an idea about what it's like):

Def not my style, but it looked like a really good quality bracelet! I can think of lots of friends who would like this, unfortunately I can't afford to buy it for them :( One day!

I liked these earrings a lot, but not enough to buy them. I would've LOVED them if they were about half the size! Just my preference though! (sry pics are fuzzy! I took them with my phone)

When I saw this necklace I was actually sort of hoping it would work for me, lol, even though I prob shouldn't spend so much on jewelry right now (it was priced at ~$62)! 
It was too large for my taste but it was really well made and even had an adorable little charm for it's brand tag. It resembles some vintage charm necklaces I sold once in my old shop (the head profile charm but bigger…)

Lol, they typed out EXACTLY what I wrote on my comment sheet (the sheet I sent back with the box). It's great though, I really liked that! Sometimes, it's a pain to log in and type it out when there's so much else going on in life. I often prefer to write things out on paper.

(p.s. - please keep in mind my comments above, in the picture, are my personal preferences for what I think looks good on my skin coloring, body type/height/weight, and preference. I think all the pieces were attractive, but just not for my style and body). :)

-xo, T

L'Occitane COUPON CODE! Free Gift w/ $25 purchase!

Just got this promo email yesterday, thought I would share the deal! 

Ooo! I just clicked on the email to get the website link and my Ebates toolbar app said currently you can get 2.5% cash rebate!! Awesome! I actually started using the lotion in the picture in 2009, and it really is fantastic! I was living in NY at the time so it was great for my dry winter skin, but in SE Texas, thick lotions are not too necessary. Since I loved that lotion so much, perhaps I should check to see if they have lighter lotions for more humid environments. 

Btw: I think I signed up for their promo emails awhile ago, so I don't think this is a one time only code; if it is, please let me know so I can edit this post, lol! 

-xo, T

Sunday, October 27, 2013

UNBOXING of Klutch Club October 2013 [Limited Edition] Halloween Snack Box (+CouponCodes)!!

I ordered the $2 Klutch Club Limited Edition Halloween Snack Box and received it sometime last week I think, maybe the week before. I've been a bit stomach sick this past month so things are a bit blurred lol. After being sick for so long, this past week I started trying to eat gluten free so this box came at the perfect time!

It was filled with lots of great things, and was pretty heavy.

Ziggy Marley's Roasted Hemp Seeds - Caribbean Crunch (1.1oz bag): ~$1.60 value

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Gluten Free Crackers (2- 0.5oz bags - Sea Salt & Original): ~$0.80 value
[I got 2 bags of these in the Klutch Club Best of Box as well. I didn't really like them. Kinda bland.]

Good Greens (Probiotic - Gluten Free) Protein Bar Bites (2 bites - Chocolate/PB & Chocolate/Coconut) & a 50% off coupon for their store (COUPON CODE: "KLUTCH2013"): ~$2.50 

Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix (1.63oz): $1.19 (at Vitacost and currently you can get 4% cashback through Ebates! I installed the Ebates toolbar so it auto alerts me when I go to a website that I can get cashback at with Ebates!)

GoGo Squeez Apple Banana Applesauce On The Go (Gluten Free) (3.2oz): $0.99

Truvia Sample Pack (7 packets) & 75cent Coupon: ~$0.78 value

(12 ct. Box on Vitacost is $18.39 -- and remember you can get 4% Cashback via Ebates for Vitacost!)
I received a small sized Kind bar in my Love with Food October Box and thought it was pretty good, so it was nice to get a full size bar in my Klutch Club Box!)

Goldbaum's Pop Potato (0.6oz - Onion & Garlic): ~$1.75 value
(The only place I found to buy this online was through Sears - They sell a box of 24 - 0.6oz bags in 3 flavors for ~$53 with s&h. Currently you can get 6% Cashback through Ebates at Sears!)
They actually taste A LOT better than I expected, I would definitely buy these in the future! Esp. since I'm trying to eat gluten free now!)

Alo Awaken- Aloe & Wheatgrass Drink (16.9 fl.oz): ~$1.97 value 

Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate - Dark 70% (1.2oz): ~$2.12 value

Organic Surf Sweets Jelly Beans (Gluten Free) (0.9oz): ~$0.55 value
(You can buy an 8oz bag for $4.49 at and get 15% off your 1st purchase [until Oct 31] with this COUPON CODE: "WELCOME15")

Delight Gluten Free Magazine (Fall 2012 - The Italy Issue): $6.95
When I got the box, I had not even thought about trying to eat Gluten Free. After being sick and decided to give it a try this mag came in handy! It was really great! Had lots of helpful tips and recipes, even though it was a back issue from a year ago, it did not seem outdated at all! If I end up sticking to a gluten free diet, I will def look into subscribing to this! You can get digital issues for $0.99 I think!

Total Value of the Klutch Club Limited Edition Halloween Snack Box: ~$22.73

Whaaat?! What a deal for only $2 ($10 total with shipping - but you would have to pay shipping on all the products individually if purchased separately)!

And it was such good timing with my whole gluten free change recently! I think most (if not all) of the products were GF!

I might have to order another box before the run out! I think there are some still available… Don't miss out!!

-xo, T

Monday, October 21, 2013

UNBOXING of October 2013 BULU Weight Loss Box!! (and some product Coupon Codes!)

So, I've been waiting for my first Bulu Box for AWHILE! I ordered one I think in August with a free trial coupon code, but the box got lost in the mail or never was sent (not sure the real reason, they said it got lost but we've had that happen at this address… never, lol. So, who knows what really happened). It took a few a bit of time to get responses but they were very nice in their emails and didn't charge me for this replacement box.

(please let me know if it doesn't work!)

List of the October Bulu (weight loss) Box contents

thirty30 Enliven Pre-Workout Supplement (1 packet of Pure Lemon): $2 value

This box had a value of around $20! Great deal for only $10 (and even better for a FREE 1st month with code FIT411)! I haven't had a chance to try the samples yet but I'll post reviews when I do:)

Saturday, October 19, 2013



Take 15% off your order using code spooky15 (valid until Oct 31, 2013)
(the sale excludes Sale items)

This is sooo cute! If my dog was still with us I might've bought this for him lol!

It's called a Pet Plume! (The one below is color Natural) It's a sale item though (sale price $13 -- orig price $24), but there are SO many other really cute feather hair accessories and even hair chalk!

Friday, October 18, 2013

JULEP HALLOWEEN SALE!! Halloween Nail Polish & Accessory Sets Up To 70% Off!!

When you go to the JULEP website, look for "Spooky Sets" on the right. Check out one of the Spooky Sets, called "The Bogeyman" below! You get ALL of that for $29.99 (orig: $69)!!

Sign up for JULEP monthly beauty box subscription and get the intro box (valued at $40) for free using the code FREEBOX. There is a $3.99 shipping charge, and you are signing up for a monthly service, however, you can cancel the subscription, put it on hold or even gift it at any time.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I received my Love with Food box today! I ordered a $2 box with a promo code on September 5, so I've been waiting a little while:) 
(Their billing date is the 1st of the month, so I missed the cutoff for the Sept. box, no worries. This one was great!)

Order your first box with this coupon code [YUMMY] for the same deal!

This box was less than 10" across but filled to the brim!

I couldn't find anyone who sells this! I just found an ugly, plain and uninformative website… So, I guessed what the approximate value is. (Here is a the product I used to get an estimate:

Glee Gum (2 packs of pcs): $0.01/ box: $0.02 value

"New World Caveman Cookies are made with ingredients that cavemen might have discovered while exploring the New World! They are sweet and satisfying with New World flavors like pumpkin, maple and cranberries. These cookies are made with maple syrup, honey, almond meal, pecan meal, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds, and pumpkin pie spice".  

"Torie and Howard bring you a whole new way of looking at candy. Try our fresh-off-the-vine flavors using sophisticated, epicurean recipes made with organic, all-natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives. And with only 12 calories per candy, treating yourself has never been this good for you. NO: Artificial dyes, Nuts, GMOs, Corn syrup, Gluten, Wheat, Casein, Soy, Dairy"

I estimated the value of these base on the cost of a tin and guessing how many candies would be in a tin, I guess 20 but could be less or more… (at $4.99 per tin of candies)

Pixo Pearls from Vinaigrerie Gingras - 1 packet: $1.80 value

Toasted Coconut Chips from Dang - 1 package: $2.50 value

Coupon for 1 Free Honestly Good frozen dinner from Lean Cuisine: ~$4.99 value
Here's a $1 off coupon from their website that I found when looking up the price for one of these.


Total Estimated Face Value of Contents: $11.27 (with the Lean Cuisine coupon = $16.26)

I was happy with the products that came in this Love with Food box; especially since I only paid $2 for it (do the same with code: YUMMY)! Even if I had paid the full amount I would have been happy with this box because it's filled with some great products… some that I already really like and the rest I'm really interested to try. 

I've already found out about some really delicious and fantastic products with my first round of trial boxes (see my September Reviews via links at the end of this post), and happy I signed up to try some out! 

I know it's not necessary, and maybe a tad extravagant, to order boxes that have unknown contents, but  I have to say it's really nice finding out about yummy organic (or just more healthy) food products that I haven't heard of or tried yet because I've gotten so bored with the foods that I already eat/buy but want to make healthier choices! Also, getting awesome perks like a 3 month yoga membership from my first Klutch Club box is AWESOME! 

I'd definitely like to keep my subscription active but, I'm not sure if it's worth it for me to pay $10/mth for it at the moment (being a student = limited funds [for most]) but I really like the fact that they donate a meal for every box sold! 

SIGN UP for yours for only $2!! Use the code [YUMMY]!

September Subscription Box Reviews:

-xo, T