Friday, October 4, 2013

UNBOXING of September KLUTCH CLUB Best of Box!!

This Klutch Club Box post is a little late (had tons of schoolwork and started a new job, yay!) I ordered the Best of Box with a promo code (paid only $8 for shipping) and was so happy with it!

I haven't tried all the samples but for the ones I have tried,  I wrote about below. Check it out!

Packed in all nice and neat! And yes, it was full!

Happy Squeeze Super Fruit packet (3.5oz) - $2.70 value 

Happy Squeeze Coco Fruit packet (3.5oz) - $2.70 value

Celsius Fat Burning Energy Drink (12 fl. oz) - $1.50 value

YogaVibes FREE Unlimited 3 Month Access to all their yoga videos - $60 value
 I'm SUPER excited about this!! I do yoga with youtube vids so this will be SO much better! And it lasts 3 months!!

Annie Chun's Roasted Seaweed Snacks (5 pack) - $7.85 value

Corazonas Blueberry Oatmeal Square (1.75oz) - $1.17 value

Crunchmaster Gluten Free Multi-seed Crackers (2 - 0.5oz bags) - ~$0.80 value

Crystal Body Deodorant Towelettes (4 towelettes) - $1.99 value

Soleil Bella (Bic) Razor w/ 4 Blades - ~$2.58 value

Yay! I needed to buy a razor too, perfect timing!

Fanghi D'Algae Guam: Seaweed Mud Cellulite Formula (90mL) - $8.40 value

Shea Terra Organics: African Black Soap - Mango Scented (1 oz) - $2.25 value 

So, this was an awesome deal and value at around ~$31.94 just for the products! When you add the 3 month yoga membership it's value is almost $100!! Now, for $8 that was a huge deal for me! Even if I had paid full price it would've been a deal! I will definitely sign up for the Klutch Club box again!
Order your October box here! The Women's box has lots of great items (including a $600 gift card to Retrofit)!!

xo, -T

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