Monday, October 14, 2013

ORIGINS Product Review & 5.6% Cash Back!

I recently used a friend's Origins deodorant after spending the night at her place and was amazed by how fantastic it smelled! And it's ORGANIC!!

I'm definitely going to purchase my own bottle soon, especially since right now you get 5.6% Cash Back through Big Crumbs!! You just have to login (or make a Free acct) then search for Origins in the Big Crumbs Search Bar on their Homepage. Next, click on their link to get sent to the Origins website where you can search out this product. Only takes a few mins, totally worth it if you're interested in FANTASTIC smelling, Natural deodorant. (*pls note: I'm not getting paid to review this product, I really did try my friend's and ended up loving it :)

If you're not already a member of Big Crumbs, you should totally sign up! It seems like they give you more cash back than Ebates, AND you can earn shares in their company by just shopping! I'm going to have to look into this a little bit more to know exactly how it works, but it seems like a pretty good thing!

xo, -T

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