Sunday, October 27, 2013

UNBOXING of Klutch Club October 2013 [Limited Edition] Halloween Snack Box (+CouponCodes)!!

I ordered the $2 Klutch Club Limited Edition Halloween Snack Box and received it sometime last week I think, maybe the week before. I've been a bit stomach sick this past month so things are a bit blurred lol. After being sick for so long, this past week I started trying to eat gluten free so this box came at the perfect time!

It was filled with lots of great things, and was pretty heavy.

Ziggy Marley's Roasted Hemp Seeds - Caribbean Crunch (1.1oz bag): ~$1.60 value

Crunchmaster Multi-Seed Gluten Free Crackers (2- 0.5oz bags - Sea Salt & Original): ~$0.80 value
[I got 2 bags of these in the Klutch Club Best of Box as well. I didn't really like them. Kinda bland.]

Good Greens (Probiotic - Gluten Free) Protein Bar Bites (2 bites - Chocolate/PB & Chocolate/Coconut) & a 50% off coupon for their store (COUPON CODE: "KLUTCH2013"): ~$2.50 

Enjoy Life Seed & Fruit Mix (1.63oz): $1.19 (at Vitacost and currently you can get 4% cashback through Ebates! I installed the Ebates toolbar so it auto alerts me when I go to a website that I can get cashback at with Ebates!)

GoGo Squeez Apple Banana Applesauce On The Go (Gluten Free) (3.2oz): $0.99

Truvia Sample Pack (7 packets) & 75cent Coupon: ~$0.78 value

(12 ct. Box on Vitacost is $18.39 -- and remember you can get 4% Cashback via Ebates for Vitacost!)
I received a small sized Kind bar in my Love with Food October Box and thought it was pretty good, so it was nice to get a full size bar in my Klutch Club Box!)

Goldbaum's Pop Potato (0.6oz - Onion & Garlic): ~$1.75 value
(The only place I found to buy this online was through Sears - They sell a box of 24 - 0.6oz bags in 3 flavors for ~$53 with s&h. Currently you can get 6% Cashback through Ebates at Sears!)
They actually taste A LOT better than I expected, I would definitely buy these in the future! Esp. since I'm trying to eat gluten free now!)

Alo Awaken- Aloe & Wheatgrass Drink (16.9 fl.oz): ~$1.97 value 

Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate - Dark 70% (1.2oz): ~$2.12 value

Organic Surf Sweets Jelly Beans (Gluten Free) (0.9oz): ~$0.55 value
(You can buy an 8oz bag for $4.49 at and get 15% off your 1st purchase [until Oct 31] with this COUPON CODE: "WELCOME15")

Delight Gluten Free Magazine (Fall 2012 - The Italy Issue): $6.95
When I got the box, I had not even thought about trying to eat Gluten Free. After being sick and decided to give it a try this mag came in handy! It was really great! Had lots of helpful tips and recipes, even though it was a back issue from a year ago, it did not seem outdated at all! If I end up sticking to a gluten free diet, I will def look into subscribing to this! You can get digital issues for $0.99 I think!

Total Value of the Klutch Club Limited Edition Halloween Snack Box: ~$22.73

Whaaat?! What a deal for only $2 ($10 total with shipping - but you would have to pay shipping on all the products individually if purchased separately)!

And it was such good timing with my whole gluten free change recently! I think most (if not all) of the products were GF!

I might have to order another box before the run out! I think there are some still available… Don't miss out!!

-xo, T

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