Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Coupon Codes & Sales!!

2014 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Coupon Codes & Sales!!
***EDITED*** for Cyber Monday!

Julep Beauty Inc.

Cashback DEALS!

Black Friday Shopping Deals!

*Abes Market: 
> 10% additional discount on everything! Code: "BLACKFRIDAY"


*Juice Beauty:

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 2014 Bespoke Post: "Slate" Review

I looove Bespoke Post. The contents are always high quality and so well curated.
This collection is filled with the perfect pairings for a bourbon tasting! Yummy

*I'm using item descriptions straight from Bespoke Post, they'll be in quotes.

Sopressata Salami, 5.5 oz Creminelli = $9.63 value

"All of Creminelli's award-winning artisan charcuterie is delicious, but this sopressata — hand-tied and slowly cured in a natural casing — is our very favorite. Garlic and red wine notes give it a robust flavor that's dangerously good."

Bourbon Brittle, Buffalo Trace = $5 value

"A smoky and sweet take on peanut brittle made with booze from Buffalo Trace, the oldest continuously operating bourbon distillery in the states. That's because they kept on distilling though prohibition in order to make whiskey for "medicinal purposes"."

Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5 oz, Old Town Oil = $6.68 value

"Classic olive flavors form a mild yet complex base with refined flavor reminiscent of almonds, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. Simply put, it's miles above your normal supermarket fare. Pick up a fresh baguette, tear off a piece, and get to dipping."

Barrel-Aged 18-yr Style Balsamic Vinegar, 5 oz, Old Town Oil = $7.08 value

"This barrel-aged reserve has got the texture of honey, the complexity of a top shelf single malt, and an unreal sweetness and tang. Toss some on salads, meat, or even fruit."

Garlic Dill Mustard, Mustard and Co. = $7 value

"A minimally processed mustard that's made the old school way. The time honored technique keeps the mustard seed intact to preserve the sharp flavor, then uses quality local ingredients like organic olive oil, fresh dill, and lots of garlic. It makes for a rounded flavor that'll punch up any spread."

#22 Bourbon Toothpicks, Daneson = $9 value

"You weren't going to eat everything with your fingers, were you? These sleek toothpicks are made from A-grade American white birch and then soaked in six year Kentucky bourbon, so that your cheese and charcuterie gets a boozy nuance."

Geez, pricey toothpicks! I love the little bottle they came in. I love tiny things.

Natural Slate Serving Board, 10"x14", Brooklyn Slate = $33 value

"These hand-cut, rough-edged slate slabs are sourced from a family-run quarry in upstate New York. Each one has its own slight surface imperfections, adding to the tough vibe and making every board unique. Top it with your favorite cheese and charcuterie for a distinctive, rustic display. You can even clue your guests into what's what with the included soapstone chalk."

Super nice large piece of slate. It came with a packet of chalk, so cute! And it's from Brooklyn, my old home that I'll always love :D

Nice!! Totally worth $45 since I love everything! 

T Eyeglasses Review + Coupon Codes GALORE!!

I bought a pair of eyeglasses from a few months ago. I'm hooked! The prices are low, they have SO many different styles and options, and the customer service is great!

Like most eyeglasses websites, you can upload a photo of yourself to "try on" virtual glasses. I felt that the virtual try-on was fairly close to what they actually looked like on. Thankfully!

I paid ~$58 for the eyeglasses (came with a hard case, cleaning cloth, and little eyeglass repair kit (mini screwdriver, cleaning solution, cleaning cloth).

The lenses seemed a little warped so they rushed out a new pair for me and emailed me a pre-paid return shipping label for the old paid for FREE! I will definitely buy from Coastal again!

(note: I use all 3 cashback sites and have been paid back a total of ~$100 cashback in the past year and I RARELY shop since I'm usually broke nowadays... I'm in nursing school ;)! The holidays are a PERFECT time to rack up your cashback bc of all the christmas shopping and what not)

*"NEWCOASTAL" = 10% off 1st order! (new customers only)
*"15OFFCL" = 15% off 4 boxes of contacts
*"CYBERCL" = $10 off $99+ contact lens order
*"25EXTRA" = 25% off eyeglasses & Lens Upgrades
*"2FOR99" = 2 pairs eyeglasses for $99


Love With Food December 2013 Box Review! [Oops! A bit late!]

Edit: Nov. 2014 -- Wow, totally forgot about this post again. Hahahah, it's almost a year late. But I'll post it anyway in case anyone is curious...

Edit: Jan. 2014 -- I totally forgot to post this about my December (2013) "Love with Food" Box! Oops!

Here it is anyway, in case anyone is curious :P

It was a pretty good little box of snacks for the holidays...

As you can see, I tore into this right away and remembered mid-bite that I should take a quick pic for my post, lol! It was DELICIOUS! I definitely want to buy this GF candy bar!!

I didn't try these because I can't eat gluten :( But they looked delicious and my Dad said they were good ;)

Loooved the hot chocolate and big marshmallow! Delicious and so satisfying when it's cold out!
The peppermints were average peppermints. I haven't thought about them until I saw this post.

Sweet Potato chips were so yum! I've bought other "Food Should Taste Good" products since then. They are all yummy :)
The spinach dip was average, it tasted very much like ranch dip. I won't buy this again.

They sent a reusable shopping bag, yay! :) I've used this many times since I got it.


Monday, November 17, 2014

October 2014 Birchbox Review!

Birchbox October 2014 Review!
Day #3 of catching up on posts!

This month's box took FOREVER to arrive! I just got it last week, I think... I recently moved so the address change screwed things up. Anyway! I liked all the contents this month, yay! This has become a rare event! 

Camille Beckman: Tuscan Honey Glycerine Hand Therapy (7.1g/.25oz) = $0.58 value 

Dr. Lipp: Original Nipple Balm for Lips (3mL) = $2.90 value

This works great for super chapped lips! Not as good as bag balm though! I know some people are weirded out about buying something that was made for cow udders, but seriously... come on!! It's a great product for dry skin and it's WAY cheaper than these fancy products we want to buy because it's out there and makes all these fancy claims. The packaging for Bag Balm is really cute too ;)

Yeaaa, that just turned into another rant... Well, the nipple lip balm is great too! Oh, and it's thicker than bag balm so if you prefer thick balms this is your thing!

Jouer: Matte Moisture Tint in Nude (5mL) = $3.80 value

This was pretty thick compared to my Neutrogena tinted moisturizer, but it was ok mixed together. I need more coverage bc I have a terrible habit of picking at my skin while I'm studying which led to some discoloration where the scars are or are fading... but the thick foundations settle into my smile lines, which I HATE! So... tinted moisturizer with concealer is my go to... Anyway, this had pretty good coverage but was too thick for me, it felt like a foundation, not a tinted moisturizer.

Lord & Berry: Paillettes Glitter Eye Pencil in Black (0.4g [~1/3 size of reg. eye pencil) = $6 value

I wore this on Halloween (I didn't dress up so I thought I'd at least add some sparkle to my eyelids hahah). It went on fairly smooth and didn't smudge. The glitter wasn't really noticeable, but maybe if you applied layers it would show up more.

Toni & Guy: Casual Sea Salt Texturizing Spray (75mL) = $5.52 value

This is a pretty big sample, yay! I used this today after washing my hair, so it was damp. The directions say to use it on dry hair. It didn't do anything to my hair, so I'm going to try it on dry hair tomorrow and see how it works, if I remember I'll update the results here or message me about it and I'll reply asap! ;)

Sarah McNamara: Miracle Skin Transformer - Miracle Revival Mud (7g) = $2.50 value

---------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- ---------------------------- 



September 2014 Birchbox Review!

September 2014 Birchbox Review!
(Catch-Up Day #3) :P

Overall, I was pretty happy with this box. Mostly because of the lip balm & anti-aging serum (but not so sure later... read on!)

Harvey Prince: Hello perfume (sample vial) = ~$1 value

The scent is as you would expect from the packaging, lol. Flowery & spring-timey! It's not too overpowering, which is good. 

Hmm, not sure if I'd really put that value on the tiny sample... I'd probably value it at $3 tops (but I wouldn't buy that sample for $3 if someone was selling them). I used it on my face and I'm not sure if it was this or the peel that also came in this box... but I started getting dry, bumpy skin all around my eye area. It was SUPER ugly!! I haven't used this since (it's Nov. now), but I think I'll try it out one more time because I'm pretty sure I used it wrong. I was supposed to moisturize afterwards, and I didn't... soooo...

Smells like lavender lotion, absorbs quickly for me, but my skin is pretty dry right now. Pretty average body lotion to me, but others seem to love it :)

Pixi: Shea Butter Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry (1 full-size tube- comes in set of 4 for $28) = $7 value

I really liked this lip balm! Awesome that it's full size :) It gave more color than I expected, which can be good or bad, and it helped my lips feel less chapped.

Blehhhhh! This was an awful sample! It was super empty! I didn't even have enough for half my face so I'm not sure how well this works... I was excited about this one too :(


Total Value = $44.56 but no... 
If I was to value it with the Origins serum at $3 (like I said above) and take out the Real Chemistry Peel (since it was practically empty and didn't even function as a sample, but was in a huge tube that tricks you into getting excited about receiving a big sample...)...

Total (re)Value = $15.29
This seems a little more accurate, lol
Still a good deal when paying $10 or less/month + 10 points for reviewing each sample (this box I get 50 points, which is halfway to the $10 reward when you get 100 Birchbox points! That means this box was really $5, assuming you would spend the other $5 on stuff from the birchbox website haha!

Ok, I'm done with my crazy ranting. I aced my exam today so I'm in a good mood :)
Oh, and it snowed yesterday!! I looove it


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Birchbox November 2014 Review +Coupon Code!

I just received this yesterday:) At first I was happy with my box, but became disappointed as I started picking up the samples (some of them felt pretty empty) :( I'm thinking of contacting Birchbox for replacements. 

On to the review!

Amika Nourishing Mask (20mL/0.7 fl.oz.) = $1.60 value

Ok, so I was super excited to try this out bc I'm always picking at my blackheads and need to stop, so I was hoping this would do the trick and get me to stop abusing my face skin... well, the tube feels like there is barely anything in it, if any at all! I doubt I'll even have enough to get a real idea of how well it works for my skin. Hopefully Birchbox will send me a replacement so I can really sample this product.

Harvey Prince: Petaly Noir perfume (sample vial) = ~$1.10 value

This perfume has a nice flowery smell. It reminds me of spring time. It's a bit potent though, so I think I'd only wear it if I was going to be outside or in a large space so it's not overpowering.

I tried this mascara today and was pleased with the results I got! It was similar to my L'oreal Double Extend mascara-2 step application) but with only 1 step! It made my lashes look twice as long and full. However, It was kind of hard to apply because there was barely any product in the sample tube! The wand would only get 1/4 covered so I it took forever to get one eye done. I'm going to ask Birchbox about a replacement sample for this one too, it was pretty ridiculous how little there was to try!

They included this dinky tinted moisturizer sample. I had these little foil cards or whatever they're called. There's barely ever enough product to really sample it. 

Tocca: Crema da Mano - Bianca (1 fl.oz./30mL) = $2.50 value

This hand cream is awesome! I looove the smell (Green Tea + Lemon) and it absorbs SUPER fast! It's not greasy and seems like it provided slight hydration to my dry hand skin. I may need something thicker for the middle of winter, but this is great for fall, spring, maybe even summer!

Chuao: Honeycomb ChocoPod (0.39oz/11g) = $1.00 value

I usually don't like it when they include food items in my box, but YUMMY i LOOOVE chocolate!! I tried this around the same time last year from a Birchbox and have wanted more since but never bought any (I'm trying to lose weight lol), so this is a nice treat :)

*Harvey Prince "for extra magic" code = "Orchid" (not sure what kind of discount you get, or if you get something else. It was on the paper that the perfume sample came on.)

Total Value = $17.92 ($10.50*)
*(I don't feel that it's worth this much though bc of the 2 dinky less than half full products... I'd probably count 1/3 of the value of the dr. brandt's face mask, which would make the total closer to $10.50)

So, I was happy and unhappy with this month's box. We'll see what response I get about the dinky samples. What was in your Birchbox this month?


Bespoke Post "Weekender" Review [May 2014]!

Wow, this one is pretty past due, lol! Still catching up (this is #2 for today)!

Anyway, I love Bespoke Post! Their products are high quality and well curated. The "Getaway" box included a bag that I've been wanting for YEARS! Well, not this exact bag, but it's pretty similar. A few years ago, when I was living in Brooklyn, I saw a guy carrying a bag like this and I fell in love. I asked him about it and he said it was actually a tool bag and it cost like $10 in a hardware shop around the corner. I ran over to the store as soon as we were done talking but they were no longer carried :( When I saw this bag at Bespoke I had to have it!! It was way more expensive but I used some racked up points to bring the cost down a little. 

I couldn't find the actual cost of the bag so I don't know if this box was worth $45. I use the bag all the time though so it's worth it to me! The bag is really well made and feels like it'll last for years. Oh, and you can fit a TON of stuff in it!! I was shocked at how much I could stuff in it! I even used it for moving, lol! 

If you haven't tried Bespoke Post yet, I would definitely recommend it!