Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Love With Food December 2013 Box Review! [Oops! A bit late!]

Edit: Nov. 2014 -- Wow, totally forgot about this post again. Hahahah, it's almost a year late. But I'll post it anyway in case anyone is curious...

Edit: Jan. 2014 -- I totally forgot to post this about my December (2013) "Love with Food" Box! Oops!

Here it is anyway, in case anyone is curious :P

It was a pretty good little box of snacks for the holidays...

As you can see, I tore into this right away and remembered mid-bite that I should take a quick pic for my post, lol! It was DELICIOUS! I definitely want to buy this GF candy bar!!

I didn't try these because I can't eat gluten :( But they looked delicious and my Dad said they were good ;)

Loooved the hot chocolate and big marshmallow! Delicious and so satisfying when it's cold out!
The peppermints were average peppermints. I haven't thought about them until I saw this post.

Sweet Potato chips were so yum! I've bought other "Food Should Taste Good" products since then. They are all yummy :)
The spinach dip was average, it tasted very much like ranch dip. I won't buy this again.

They sent a reusable shopping bag, yay! :) I've used this many times since I got it.


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