Saturday, November 15, 2014

Birchbox November 2014 Review +Coupon Code!

I just received this yesterday:) At first I was happy with my box, but became disappointed as I started picking up the samples (some of them felt pretty empty) :( I'm thinking of contacting Birchbox for replacements. 

On to the review!

Amika Nourishing Mask (20mL/0.7 fl.oz.) = $1.60 value

Ok, so I was super excited to try this out bc I'm always picking at my blackheads and need to stop, so I was hoping this would do the trick and get me to stop abusing my face skin... well, the tube feels like there is barely anything in it, if any at all! I doubt I'll even have enough to get a real idea of how well it works for my skin. Hopefully Birchbox will send me a replacement so I can really sample this product.

Harvey Prince: Petaly Noir perfume (sample vial) = ~$1.10 value

This perfume has a nice flowery smell. It reminds me of spring time. It's a bit potent though, so I think I'd only wear it if I was going to be outside or in a large space so it's not overpowering.

I tried this mascara today and was pleased with the results I got! It was similar to my L'oreal Double Extend mascara-2 step application) but with only 1 step! It made my lashes look twice as long and full. However, It was kind of hard to apply because there was barely any product in the sample tube! The wand would only get 1/4 covered so I it took forever to get one eye done. I'm going to ask Birchbox about a replacement sample for this one too, it was pretty ridiculous how little there was to try!

They included this dinky tinted moisturizer sample. I had these little foil cards or whatever they're called. There's barely ever enough product to really sample it. 

Tocca: Crema da Mano - Bianca (1 fl.oz./30mL) = $2.50 value

This hand cream is awesome! I looove the smell (Green Tea + Lemon) and it absorbs SUPER fast! It's not greasy and seems like it provided slight hydration to my dry hand skin. I may need something thicker for the middle of winter, but this is great for fall, spring, maybe even summer!

Chuao: Honeycomb ChocoPod (0.39oz/11g) = $1.00 value

I usually don't like it when they include food items in my box, but YUMMY i LOOOVE chocolate!! I tried this around the same time last year from a Birchbox and have wanted more since but never bought any (I'm trying to lose weight lol), so this is a nice treat :)

*Harvey Prince "for extra magic" code = "Orchid" (not sure what kind of discount you get, or if you get something else. It was on the paper that the perfume sample came on.)

Total Value = $17.92 ($10.50*)
*(I don't feel that it's worth this much though bc of the 2 dinky less than half full products... I'd probably count 1/3 of the value of the dr. brandt's face mask, which would make the total closer to $10.50)

So, I was happy and unhappy with this month's box. We'll see what response I get about the dinky samples. What was in your Birchbox this month?


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