Monday, November 17, 2014

September 2014 Birchbox Review!

September 2014 Birchbox Review!
(Catch-Up Day #3) :P

Overall, I was pretty happy with this box. Mostly because of the lip balm & anti-aging serum (but not so sure later... read on!)

Harvey Prince: Hello perfume (sample vial) = ~$1 value

The scent is as you would expect from the packaging, lol. Flowery & spring-timey! It's not too overpowering, which is good. 

Hmm, not sure if I'd really put that value on the tiny sample... I'd probably value it at $3 tops (but I wouldn't buy that sample for $3 if someone was selling them). I used it on my face and I'm not sure if it was this or the peel that also came in this box... but I started getting dry, bumpy skin all around my eye area. It was SUPER ugly!! I haven't used this since (it's Nov. now), but I think I'll try it out one more time because I'm pretty sure I used it wrong. I was supposed to moisturize afterwards, and I didn't... soooo...

Smells like lavender lotion, absorbs quickly for me, but my skin is pretty dry right now. Pretty average body lotion to me, but others seem to love it :)

Pixi: Shea Butter Lip Balm in Ripe Raspberry (1 full-size tube- comes in set of 4 for $28) = $7 value

I really liked this lip balm! Awesome that it's full size :) It gave more color than I expected, which can be good or bad, and it helped my lips feel less chapped.

Blehhhhh! This was an awful sample! It was super empty! I didn't even have enough for half my face so I'm not sure how well this works... I was excited about this one too :(


Total Value = $44.56 but no... 
If I was to value it with the Origins serum at $3 (like I said above) and take out the Real Chemistry Peel (since it was practically empty and didn't even function as a sample, but was in a huge tube that tricks you into getting excited about receiving a big sample...)...

Total (re)Value = $15.29
This seems a little more accurate, lol
Still a good deal when paying $10 or less/month + 10 points for reviewing each sample (this box I get 50 points, which is halfway to the $10 reward when you get 100 Birchbox points! That means this box was really $5, assuming you would spend the other $5 on stuff from the birchbox website haha!

Ok, I'm done with my crazy ranting. I aced my exam today so I'm in a good mood :)
Oh, and it snowed yesterday!! I looove it


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