Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 2014 Bespoke Post: "Slate" Review

I looove Bespoke Post. The contents are always high quality and so well curated.
This collection is filled with the perfect pairings for a bourbon tasting! Yummy

*I'm using item descriptions straight from Bespoke Post, they'll be in quotes.

Sopressata Salami, 5.5 oz Creminelli = $9.63 value

"All of Creminelli's award-winning artisan charcuterie is delicious, but this sopressata — hand-tied and slowly cured in a natural casing — is our very favorite. Garlic and red wine notes give it a robust flavor that's dangerously good."

Bourbon Brittle, Buffalo Trace = $5 value

"A smoky and sweet take on peanut brittle made with booze from Buffalo Trace, the oldest continuously operating bourbon distillery in the states. That's because they kept on distilling though prohibition in order to make whiskey for "medicinal purposes"."

Signature Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 5 oz, Old Town Oil = $6.68 value

"Classic olive flavors form a mild yet complex base with refined flavor reminiscent of almonds, tomatoes, and fresh herbs. Simply put, it's miles above your normal supermarket fare. Pick up a fresh baguette, tear off a piece, and get to dipping."

Barrel-Aged 18-yr Style Balsamic Vinegar, 5 oz, Old Town Oil = $7.08 value

"This barrel-aged reserve has got the texture of honey, the complexity of a top shelf single malt, and an unreal sweetness and tang. Toss some on salads, meat, or even fruit."

Garlic Dill Mustard, Mustard and Co. = $7 value

"A minimally processed mustard that's made the old school way. The time honored technique keeps the mustard seed intact to preserve the sharp flavor, then uses quality local ingredients like organic olive oil, fresh dill, and lots of garlic. It makes for a rounded flavor that'll punch up any spread."

#22 Bourbon Toothpicks, Daneson = $9 value

"You weren't going to eat everything with your fingers, were you? These sleek toothpicks are made from A-grade American white birch and then soaked in six year Kentucky bourbon, so that your cheese and charcuterie gets a boozy nuance."

Geez, pricey toothpicks! I love the little bottle they came in. I love tiny things.

Natural Slate Serving Board, 10"x14", Brooklyn Slate = $33 value

"These hand-cut, rough-edged slate slabs are sourced from a family-run quarry in upstate New York. Each one has its own slight surface imperfections, adding to the tough vibe and making every board unique. Top it with your favorite cheese and charcuterie for a distinctive, rustic display. You can even clue your guests into what's what with the included soapstone chalk."

Super nice large piece of slate. It came with a packet of chalk, so cute! And it's from Brooklyn, my old home that I'll always love :D

Nice!! Totally worth $45 since I love everything! 


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