Monday, November 25, 2013

Review of November 2013 Taste Guru Box (+Coupon Code for 2 Mths for $24! Save $44!)

My 1st Taste Guru Gluten Free Box! 

I signed up for the 2 months for $24 promo :) 
This is the link I found for the deal from some website… I don't remember which one sorry! I just saved the link: Taste Guru 2 months for $24 (Basically you're just paying for the shipping for the two boxes). 

Regularly the box costs $34/mth but the price lowers with longer subscriptions. A little pricey, but they give you full size items, and well specialty Gluten Free foods are pretty expensive compared to non-GF foods. 

Anyway, here are pictures and info!

This cereal was SOO goood! Like Frosted Flakes but BETTER and it stayed crunchy for a really long time in the milk… Always a good thing ;) Pretty sure I'm going to buy this cereal again.

Dang Toasted Coconut Chips (1.43 oz): $2.85
I've gotten these in a couple of few subscription boxes and am always happy when I do! I've even purchased them at the grocery! Any time I get someone to try these they are pleasantly surprised; even people who don't like coconut has liked these chips!

Hummuz Crisps: Roasted Red Pepper - $0.43 ($3.49 for 11oz bag)
You can get these at Abes Market, which always has good deals! If you sign up for their newsletter you  get a 15% off coupon! And they have no minimum for Free Shipping!
I had actually bought a bag of these in the Olive Tapenade flavor before I received these. I loved the olive one, but didn't like this flavor as much.

(12 pack box = $19.99)
You can try all 6 of their fruit bar flavors for $8.99!
This had a clean simple fruit flavor. Nothing too exciting but I might buy again for snacks if I find a deal.

Bakery on Main Oatmeal: Traditional Flavor (1 - 1.75oz packet) - $1.00 
(Box of 6 packets for $5.99)

Alpine Avocado Vinaigrette (oz) - $7-7.50
 (Made by a small company in Colorado… it seems like you can only buy multiple bottles at once on their website… $37.50 for 5 bottles and $56 for 8 bottles).
I'm excited to try this vinaigrette! I looove avocado!

So, was this box worth $12? I think so! Would it have been worth $34?

Totaled up this box has a value of $25.43

Hmmm… well, we also have to keep in mind the labor of the searching/gathering/putting together/etc and the shipping costs.
If S&H costs $12 normally the contents of the box should be around $22.
(*Note: If you subscribe it's included in the monthly price of the box but for the free trail you pay for it, I think that's fair)

So, yes! I guess it is worth it in terms of cost! However, I think it may be better for me to just go to the grocery store myself and spend $34 on random gluten free stuff to try instead of spending $12 on S&H instead of actual product. I think if I get any more of these it will have to be with coupons. They do give the option to purchase longer subscriptions at discounted rates but it's a bit much for a fairly broke student to spend all at once :P

These are their subscription options:
3 months: $34/mth = $102 up front
6 months: $29/mth = $174
12 months: $25/mth = $300

(with all subscription use Coupon Code 1FREE to get one more free month. Or use that other websites referral link to get 2 months for free ($12 S&H = $24 up front for those 1st two months). I could only find the link for this deal via other people referral links, I'm thinking they have some sort of affiliate program or something and only those people got the link.

Well, I guess I'll make my decision about subscribing after I get my 2nd trial box!

-xo, T

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