Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Dollar Shave Club Review!

Yay! I finally signed up for Dollar Shave Club! I know it's marketed to men, but I don't care, lol. I usually buy men's razors anyway, so it's perfect. 

The Dollar Shave Club packaging looks great and they even included at little bonus item (shave butter)! I picked the $6/month plan which is the middle option. 

After shaving my legs, the razor seems to get dull fairly fast compared to other razors I get at the grocery, but the price is so low, I think I'm still getting a better deal with this subscription than buying the razors at the store for twice as much. I'll have to figure out the math later, lol. 

So far, I'm really happy with Dollar Shave Club! You can even set your account so that you get shipments every other month (if you don't shave very often).

-xo, T

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