Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review of November 2013 Julep Maven box (+ get your FREE 1st Box!)

I haven't had the chance to get a box in a long time and I have to say that the quality has gone up A LOT! The polish dries SUPER fast, I was shocked! And I didn't even need a second coat, it looked that good!

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The lip gloss was really sheer, had a nice flavor and was long-lasting! I was really happy with this item. The nail polishes were both soooo pretty! I've changed my nail color twice (to try each one!) this week, normally I change my nail polish a couple times a month, if that! It's definitely becoming more of a regular thing now, lol!

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Ooh I almost forgot! They just released a special edition Diamond Box for sale! It's $24.99 and contains +$120 worth of items! AND one box will contain a pair of real diamond earrings! Whaaat?!

Julep Beauty Inc.

-xo, T

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