Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Birchbox Limited Edition Snow Day Box Review!

I was excited about this one! I was able to use my Birchbox points to get $10 off! You accumulate by making purchases (includes the monthly box) and doing reviews on their website for products you purchased from them or received in your Birchboxes
(*I included a screenshot of my checkout page at the bottom of this post)

Extras!!: I also used a promo code that was on their website for a free face scrub (free with $25 purchase - find these deals on the left side of the screen under the category "Birchbox Bonus Shop") AND I got to add on the Mystery Sample Pack for free (you can purchase it for $10 or get it free with $35 purchase)!

A packing list along with some neat little cards: Scrabble tips and "Home Spa Day" tips, which was just giving suggestions on using all the items from the box.

Three Tarts: Cinnamon Marshmallow (2 pcs) - $2.20 (10 ct. = $11)

I love playing Scrabble and mini versions of things so this is perfect! It's housed in a nice sturdy box (more sturdy than what board games usually come in) and seems to have enough pieces for 2 players. Can't wait to play this with the BF instead of Words with Friends ;)

I haven't tried the marshmallows or cocoa powder yet but I'm sure they're both delicious ;)

Here's the game w/ all the pcs out.

Happy Socks (1 pair) - $10
MALIN+GOETZ: travel candle (Cannabis) - $13.40 (9oz candle = $52)

I really like the pattern on the socks and they're really soft! However, I don't really show off my socks so I'm thinking of giving them as part of a Christmas gift to a friend who does.

The candle is really nice, and no it doesn't smell like marijuana lol. It smells more forest and nice soap. Looove! But, I do have allergies and a slight cold right now so it may actually smell completely different.

Chantecaille: Flower Infused Cleansing Milk (0.27oz) - $5.08 (3.4oz = $64)
Chantecaille: Jasmine & Lily Healing Mask (0.17oz) - $7.90 (1.7oz = $79)

Out of these 3 I've only tried the Cleansing Milk. It worked well as a gentle facial cleanser. I didn't break out from it and it didn't dry out my skin. I normally don't wash my face everyday because I'll break out and dry out. I guess my skin has become "sensitive" in the recent years. The scent was very light too, but pleasant. Anyway, I don't think I would spend $64 on face wash though. Well, I definitely wouldn't right now, but who knows later on? 

L'Occitane: Shea Butter Hand Cream (10ml) - $1.82 (5.2oz = $28)

I've bought this hand cream before so it was nice to get a little one to carry in my bag. It's a little thicker than lotions I usually use but it does absorb pretty fast and was a hand saver (get it? :P) during bitter winters on the east coast. Tip: a little goes a looong way, I still have a tube from 3 yrs ago!

The packaging is pretty cute! Especially for a box a matches! If I still had my antique oven that required lighting with a match these would've been perfect! Perhaps I'll take them on my next camping trip instead… I mean "glamping" trip?!

S.W. Basics Organic Lip Balm: Cinnamon (0.15oz) - $3.75 (4 tube variety pack = $15)

This lip balm is pretty good! The cinnamon flavor also has cardamom. It should be labelled Cardamom flavor instead of cinnamon bc it definitely overpowers any other scent and flavor. It's not bad though. I would've preferred more cinnamon or just a different flavor all together lol. I'd like to try the Peppermint one. 
One thing I really like about this lip balm is that it doesn't leave any medicinal weird metallic-like after taste, as do Chapstick brand and others like it. 
I don't know if I'm allergic or something, but Chapsticks will dry out my throat or something… strange. That's why I usually carry little tubs of Bag Balm concoctions I mix up to use as a balm instead (*later on I'll post a how-to).


The following items were all additional free samples (the face scrub was the bonus item for spending $25. The last two were from the mystery pack that's $10 or free with $35 purchase).

I actually used this on my legs before shaving and it seemed to do what it's supposed to! Reminds me of St. Ives Apricot Scrub but not as rough and I like the smell a little more. I was surprised that they sent a full-size version and not a little sample since it was a free gift! What a deal! ;)

Ruffino Nail Polish: Fox Hunt (0.17 fl.oz) - $8 (comes in a set of 3 = $24)
Violet Oasis: 100% Organic Moroccan Argan Oil (4ml) - $2.66 (60mL = $39.95)

I received a Ruffino nail polish in my October Birchbox and really did not like the color. But I do like this one! And the quality is actually pretty good. Dries as fast, if not faster, than my Julep nail polishes!

I was actually recently admiring a friend's hair… M;)… who told me she uses Argan oil on it! Definitely trying it out on that soon! I did try it on my face already and it was wild! My skin instantly looked smoother. Seriously. 

Snow Day Box = $97.85
+ Free Derma e Exfoliant $12.75
+ Free [Pick 2] Sample Pack $10.66

Here's that screenshot I promised:

Whaat?! Crazy deal for only $29! Once again the people at Birchbox impress:) Love it!

So as you see above, the Snow Day box is actually $39, but I used my Birchbox points to get a $10 discount. You accumulate the points by doing reviews on their website, which you can only do on things you receive in the monthly Birchbox and I think on stuff you buy from their shop. I'll have to double check on that one.

-xo, T

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