Monday, November 4, 2013

Unboxing & Review of October 2013 Birch Box!

I was super excited to get this box! It came when I was in a bad mood and it totally brightened my mood, lol. I was tired too, don't judge ;) This was my first Birch box btw. :)

The packaging was really cute!

My friend and I tried it and it works pretty well! It's a little annoying to mess with if you have layers though. I'm sure if I messed with it some more I would figure out some tricks!

Stainiac Lip & Cheek Stain (.04oz) - ~$2.27 value
This worked ok, but I definitely prefer Benetint. This one worked better on my lips than on my cheek. It was a little hard to rub on evenly. 

This color is def not for me! But I can give it to someone else as a gift. Holidays are coming up! Another great thing about subscription boxes, the samples are usually pretty good, and could end up making good gifts!

The Birch Box "Find" Item: Chapstick Hydration Lock - $2.99 (price at, and you can currently get 2% Cashback from Ebates for shopping there!)

I actually really liked this chapstick! It really made my lips look more full and much less chapped. I think I'll still keep my regular bag balm but this is good when I don't want to get my lip stuff all over my fingers.

Total Value: ~$32! 
At only $10 per Birch Box, that's a great deal! 
I was really happy with the contents of the October Birch Box! I'm excited to see what's in the November Box!

-xo, T

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