Monday, March 10, 2014

Spicy Subscriptions February 2014 Review! (+Coupon Codes!) [NSFW]

("Adult" themed Subscription Box)


Got my 1st Spicy Subscriptions Box the week of V-day

Ordered: Deluxe Spice Box (used coupon code to get almost $15 off of $34.95)!

What is it?: Adult-themed subscription box with sex toys, lubes, games, adult/sex-themed etc.

Cost: $24.95 - $34.95/mth (3 box options)

**[Coupon Codes at bottom of post! $5 of 1st box or $10 off a 4-month subscription]**

(Nice! Free 2 day shipping!)

It felt pretty light.

So far, looking good and neatly packaged...

Ok... random plastic piece (lower right)? and oh great! "Sexy" card games... Not looking too much like a "Deluxe" box...

Price list... SUPER inflated. The items were definitely not worth what Spicy put on this card.
**(For each item the "value" price I put down is the cheapest price I was able to find online)**

Ok, the idea of relationship tip cards is kinda cute. Common sense type of things, but they can be easy to forget as well. Reminders are always nice :)

Pipedream Le Reve: Silicone Sensual - ~$25 value (Spicy Price: $49.95)

You can all guess what this is! :P I'm not a seasoned "toy" user so I had to google instructions lol and I'm still not too clear hahah, I'm such a noob when it comes to this haha!

Hmm... I found it online for MUCH cheaper than it's listed on this price list!

Quality: Nice, seems fairly well-made. The only "nice"/well-made/worth-anything piece in this box.

Verdict: If I was a regular buyer of products like these, this would probably be an item I would've considered; but at the price I found online... I never would've paid over $50 for this thing!

31 Sexual Favors: For Him - ~$7 value (Spicy Price List: $9.99)

LOL!! "Wrestle naked with him."?! Ummm, no thanks!! LOL! I'd want to be in PERFECT shape to be rolling around WRESTLING naked! Maybe "wrestling" is code for "sex" Hahaha!

Quality: the container's wrapping was already starting to peel off, and the cards look old and a bit worn out like they've been used before (ew!).

Verdict: No... Will save to give as a gag gift at a bachelorette party or something.

Let's Fool Around: Foreplay Game - ~$8 value (Spicy Price: $11.99)

Mannn, if anything these card games are a good laugh LOL! "Lick everything you can for 20 minutes?!?! What do they mean by "everything"? Does it include furniture? LOL...
Can you imagine how DRY your mouth and tongue would be after just licking stuff for 20 mins?! That seems super unpleasant... 20 minutes?! Geez...

And "demonstrate your make-out abilities"? HAHAHA so good...

Quality: much nicer quality than the 31 Favors... card game. But, still I would never spend $12 on this.

Verdict: [again] definitely No... Will also save to give as a gag gift at a bachelorette party or something.

Some other hilarious cards (from memory): "Show off your sluttiest dance moves", "Try to entrance your partner as if you were a vampire" WOW...

Sinful Sensations: Warming Massage Lotion (1 fl. oz.) [Rich Vanilla] - ~$2.99 (Spicy Price: $6.99)

Ok... seriously? This TINY and definitely not worth $7! When I looked it up, it looks like its part of a sample of 4 or so little bottles. Maybe THEN it would've been worth $6.99! It also looks like it's part of the samples that came with their shipment of the "toy" they included in this box; by some company named Pipedream...

Quality: Haven't even opened this yet; not sure if I will.

Verdict: [again] a No... and further disappointment.

Pipedream Promotional Pen: ~$0.01 value (Spicy Price: $6)

To the say the least, wow... I, and seems like quite a few others, emailed Spicy Subscriptions about this. I received a generic response, judging by responses others also received. It basically said, "sorry, sub boxes are a gamble and hope you liked the next one you spend your hard earned money on! haha!"... Ok?

February Spicy Subscriptions Deluxe Box Total Est. Value: ~$43

Ok, so the value adds up to more than I paid for the box, but I'm still not happy with it at all. Such a bad intro to Spicy Subscriptions, and it was the Valentine's Day box too! Geez... I would NEVER pay more than a couple dollars for those card games, maybe 25 cents for the oil sample, and wouldn't even accept the free pen sample, lol! Personally, the most I would've paid for this box is maybe $15.

More problems... during Feb I repeatedly tried to log into my account to cancel. I always got an error message, and had to go onto their FB page to see that others were having the same prob and not getting it solved. The company didn't seem to start doing anything about this issue until after we were all charged for the March box! I finally got a response to my email at the end of the 2nd or 3rd business day (which was their max for replying to inquiries, as stated in their FAQ). Below is the 1st response about the box contents and what they told me about not being able to log in to skip the March box...

1st correspondence:

My email:
Their response:

Wow, tricky tricky wording. Nicole seems to be a seasoned PR pro :P Sooo... even though on the website it says Deluxe boxes are supposed to include: 

I didn't receive the "deluxe accessory," I would never count that ugly pen as a sample. So, missing are: deluxe item, and at least 1 other sample. Yea, it's not a huge deal... it's just hte way the company handled the situation, the fact that they overly inflated their price list, skirted around issues by avoiding communication, then wording their responses in ways that don't take responsibility for their actions, etc. 

Anyway, here is my email about not being able to log in to deal with my account.

Their response:

Not. Acceptable. At. All... Oh and I was over-charged for the freaking box as well. I'm finishing up the longest complaint email ever... I'll post the response I receive. Ultimately, I asked for a refund for the recent charge (and not get the box, obviously) and for the account to be cancelled. We'll see what happens...

I should note that, I've read lots of great and satisfied reviews of the company, so althoguh I''ve and some others haven't had a great experience with them, yours may be different!

If you're still interested in trying it out for yourself you can use my link (if they haven't cancelled it, yet lol!) to get $5 off your 1st box: here and use code "5off"


Get $10 off a 4-month subscription with code " SPICYMARCH"

Did any of you get the Spicy box? What experience have you had with them? I'm providing links, because my communication is not over with them, so it may still turn out well but we'll see...

I'm done ranting now! :P

-xo, T


  1. I am in the process of trying to get my money back from them. They charged me $251 even though I did "unsubscribe" What a rip off! Called my back and now they are investing into the issue. Hope they stop doing the wrong thing

  2. I'm currently disputing with them after I was charged a total of $186.02 over the last few months even though I havent had an active subscription since 2016