Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bespoke Post - Seared Review + 30% off COUPON!!

Bespoke Post - "Seared" Review
EDITED on June 1, 2016 -- Bespoke Post Coupon Code!!

Hi! It has been a SUPER long time since I have posted! This past semester of nursing school was a killer!! I was at school literally 6 days/wk, clinicals on weekends as well. Ugh... One more semester left though! :D

Anyway, I just thought I would post about the Bespoke Post "Seared" box. We got one each for my Dad and my bf's Mom for Christmas. They both loved it and are super excited to use it. Sorry, I had to use the Bespoke Post picture because I forgot to take pics of the items that came. I got to see the contents of my Dad's box and it was exactly as pictured and super nice quality. Bespoke Post never fails in that regard! 

Bespoke and Birchbox are my favorites (and regulars) in terms of subscription boxes. I don't get Bespoke Post as often as Birchbox because of cost, but once I'm working full-time, that may change! ;) Seriously though, if you're new to subscription boxes, I would def try Bespoke and Birchbox first. (Get 30% off your 1st Bespoke Post Box with code "RESCUE" and get 50% off your 1st Birchbox with my link!)

Happy New Year!! Hope you enjoyed the holidays! :)

xo, T

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