Saturday, December 21, 2013

Taste Guru November 2013 Review!

**Ooops! I forgot to post this! I actually just received a 3rd box! I'll post that one today as well ;)**

What?? Why did I already get a 2nd Taste Guru box? I just got my 1st one from my 2-month trial order  a week or so ago this month… I will email them about this one. If it's a mistake and I get some freebies, that's fine with me! ;) I'd be a little sad if the 2-month trial meant 2 boxes at once because I kind of like having it spread out… like getting presents every month randomly, lol. But whatever, food is food any time right?

And this food is delicious!

Like coupons! Deals! ;)

Perfect timing for Thanksgiving!
**Update: We used this in our turkey and you never would have guessed it was GF!! Yum!**

Omg… this was SO good! I was hesitant at first actually… but shouldn't have been because this stuff is delicious!! I am definitely buying more! Tastes something like nature valley granola bites but better!

I love gluten free pasta! Makes me not so sad about not being able to eat pasta anymore haha! Tastes pretty much the same! Well… not always, but good enough and I don't feel sick afterwards anymore! :)

Can't wait to try this!! Waiting until the BF comes to visit, he's GF too so we will definitely chomp down on some waffles this weekend!
**Update: we tried this and it was pretty good, it was really hard to make waffles with it though. Like it was extra sticky or maybe our waffle iron is just too old lol!**

These tastes almost exactly like Chicharones, but are made of lentils… enough said. 

These will probably be DELICIOUS!! Can't wait to try them, waiting for the weekend!

-xo, T

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