Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Birchbox Review [March 2014]!

March Birchbox Contents! -- Very late and quick post!

Yay, Birchbox! If you've read my other posts about their box, you know how much I like receiving it. This month was no exception... :) The value ALWAYS exceeds the $10 they charge for it every month. Looooove!

Ok, this post is a bit incomplete but I just saw the charge on my bank statement for Birchbox so I'm expecting April box soon and need to put this up now! Sorry so late, as usual lately... I've been so busy with helping out family, bf, friends that I have not had a minute to myself, lol! 

Anyway, I may update this later tonight, but this is all for now ;)

EDIT: Still haven't received my April Birchbox :( 
But I did use another one of last months product -- see below for review!

I spy something full-size!!

Air Repair: Rescue Balm [All-Purpose Skin Salve & Lip Balm] - $? 

I haven't tried this out yet, would've been perfect in December when I went to LA... It was much drier than where I live; my lips where dried to the max! However, for some reason the skin on my nose gets really dry so I'll try a lil dab on it and see how it goes.

EDIT: I tried this on my dry nose (the bridge of my nose gets dry for some reason... I have a really bad habit of squeezing out my pores (I know, I know...) and I'm thinking that's why. Anyway, it didn't work overnight, but after a few applications I think it's helping. I also put it on my lips and it made them look nice and full! I really liked it for the lips! Matte, but full! 

Curly Hair Solutions: Curl Keeper Total Control for Frizzy Hair 

Actually, I haven't tried most of these yet because I want to save them for a time when I'm going out and actually feel like getting dressed up, lol! 

Pop Beauty: Stain Stay in Peach

I've used this a few times. Stays put for a LONG time, nice color but not for everyone. Great quality stain!

Ok, more later!!

xo, -T

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