Tuesday, April 8, 2014

First THREE Conscious Boxes for FREE!! Coupon Code!!!




I have not subscribed in awhile, because I've been busy with work, family & friends,... AND GETTING INTO A NURSING PROGRAM!! [*more on that later!! :)] 

Anyway, I just noticed I'm not getting as many goodies in the mail and realized I have let my subscriptions end without renewing! In turn, I have been neglecting this blog to the MAX!! 
How can I help y'all get good deals, if I'm not keeping up with this thing?! 
Plus, it's my b-day month so I feel like I deserve to treat myself a little ;) 

So, I'm getting back into it and found this GEM!!

Aahh! I miss Conscious Boxes! I've had some really great boxes in the past; I'm still using products from them months later! Unfortunately, I've had to cut back on spending even more since finding out I got into the Nursing program. But hopefully I can use this code! I hope you all can use it too!! :)

If you know of other codes, it would be very much appreciated!! Just post 'em below! :)

Yay to even more broke life, lol! Gotta love the challenges!! :P

-xo, T


  1. Thanks for sharing the info about the 3 boxes for $20 shipped. I haven't been getting Conscious box for a long time because they made me mad. Conscious box says that they have revamped their subscription, so I might give them another try. I am cutting back for the summer too! My kids have their bdays and we have a 9 day trip to Maine this summer.

    1. Sorry it's taken me so long to reply! My summer Pathophysiology course last month was a killer, and I just started up another course! Eek! Anyway, you're welcome for the info!! :) Did the code still work?? I didn't get to use it because all my money went to school and other bills, blehhh :( Cutting back sucks, right?! ;) But, a trip to Maine sounds amazing! I can't wait to be done with school again and be able to go on trips!! I hope you and your family had an awesome time up there!! :)