Friday, June 6, 2014

Birchbox Review [May 2014] + Coupon Code!

May Birchbox Review!!

Again, I wasn't too excited about my box. There were a bunch that I've seen online that are soooo much better than mine. I didn't really want anything that I received, but I am getting a little use out of the samples, so it's ok ;) 

When I put this on my hand to see the color it looked super frosty and I was totally turned off. However, I just tried it on my lips (duh!) and it's actually pretty nice! It's more of a nude than it looks in the pic and the bottle, and MUCH less frosty lol! I'll use this again :)

ANOTHER Supergoop sunscreen sample?! Didn't I get one in the last box?! No more sunscreen samples pleasssse! The last one I got may not have been water resistant but... Oh well, I'm in the sun every day for at least an hour, while walking my dog, so it'll get used. It's just kind of a bleh sample haha

Oh goddd, really?! Nail art stuff? I got one in a Cult Box a few months ago; actually I got two because my 1st box got broken in the mail. Now I have three white stripers. Oh well, Birchbox doesn't know what I have, but I'm pretty sure my profile says I like the "low-maintenace" style... low maintenance striping nails? Mmmm... nope! I'll give this away to a friend who's really into nail art. 

Blehh... shave cream. I tried it out, and wasn't that impressed. I prefer my Dollar Shave Club shave butter! But, this will be handy on trips! I received the Whish Pomegranate lotion in a previous Birchbox and really liked the smell, so I guess this sample wasn't toooo bleh :P

Nooooo, more tea?! My profile says NO FOOD! Oh well... I like Chai so I'll drink it and hopefully it'll make me a little less annoyed, hahah

My tea collection is EXPLODING!!

I'm too broke to spend $75 at Kate Spade in order to $25 so if any of you want to spend $50 there send me an email and I'll give you the coupon code! (I think it only works once-- I'll check it, if it's a generic code I'll post it here)!

Sooo... another bleh-ish Birchbox. I'm hoping next month will be better! I'll prob need it after finishing up Pathophysiology! I just started the summer class this week, it's pretty intense! I'm SUPER glad I decided to get it out of the way this summer so, I won't have to take it along with all my nursing classes! So far so good, but the first test is on Monday! Wish me luck! ;)


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