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Birchbox Review [June 2014] ++FREE SHIPPING!!

June Birchbox!

This one was WAY better than my last two. It was packed with really nice products! Yay! 
It's especially getting a treat during my summer Pathophysiology class! I'm taking it in ONE MONTH to lighten my load in the fall when I start the Nursing program! 
It's pretty intense! Especially with so much life stuff going on as well... That, I won't get into haha. 

On to the box!
OooOOoo!! Filled with goodies!!
Fancyyyy! ;)

*Had to guess on this value*

the Good: nice evening scent
the Bleh: a lil too strong

This is a nice scent, but a little "mature"? Something def for night time, at least for me. I'm putting it in my makeup bag for emergency days though, lol! For some reason I keep forgetting to put on my deodorant in the mornings :/ I am def NOT a morning person! That will have to change though; got super early classes and clinicals starting in the fall :(

the Good: Spreads easy. Long-lasting. Doesn't get in eyelid crease after wearing for hours. Subtle colors. All around really nice eye shadow!
the Bleh: Nothing! Just wish the sample had been bigger :P

I loooved these eye shadows!! I have such trouble finding good shadow that doesn't get in the crease after a few hours (even with shadow primer!!). I also have trouble spreading shadows evenly on my eyelids. I will usually have an area that gathers more color and doesn't spread around. Not with these! And the colors are really subtle, good for day or layer for night. The glittery ones are super pretty too, not over the top! I think I might buy the whole palette with my Birchbox points! :) 
*You get points for your orders and for reviewing your samples on their website!*

Davines Love Smoothing Shampoo [75mL] = $7.63 value
Davines Love Smoothing Conditioner [12mL] = $1.40 value
Davines OI / All in One Milk [4mL] = $0.83 value

the Good: Nice scent. Gave my limp thin hair more volume! A little conditioner went a long way.
the Bleh: I wish the shampoo had a little more lather. I like my bubbles!! ;)

The Shampoo & Conditioner were awesome! My hair looks all full and healthy like it did 10 years ago! And my boyfriend commented on how good my hair smelled (without knowing I used a new shampoo - also he RARELY comments on stuff like that!! I was a bit shocked hahah)

I haven't used the All in One Milk yet. I don't usually use stuff like that because I don't really get fancied up anymore. I just go to class, study, teach youngins, or am getting sweaty & dirty walking/jogging my pup or at the dog park. Maybe I should just do it for myself, but if my hair looks THAT good I want to show it off! ;)

the Good: Light, pleasant scent. Absorbs quickly. Not greasy.
the Bleh: Not too hydrating on my skin.

This body lotion smells pretty good! It absorbs quickly! It's not super hydrating though. My skin was still pretty dry afterwards, but I have also not been drinking as much H2O as I should!!

the Good: Not heavily scented. Felt like it was really scrubbing the grime off :P
the Bad: Needed a lot to get my whole face scrubbed.

I used this face scrub yesterday. I was breaking out and thought maybe I'd give this a try... bad idea! Haha! I'm breaking out even more :( Some pretty painful ones too! I was just stupid though, what did I expect to happen scrubbing zit?! They'll prob get more irritated. Lesson learned? Probably not! Lol :P I think my skin does better without scrubs at this age (they used to be helpful 10 yrs ago), but this could work for someone else!

They also included this little trip decision quiz that's part of a contest with JetBlue. It's kinda silly but hey if it gains an entry into their free trip contest, I am IN!! ;)

My quiz result was Portland, Maine. Wish I had visited when I was living in NYC! Oh well, still have family and friends on East Coast, so perhaps I'll do a super long roadtrip up to Maine and back down one day :P

What did you think of this Birchbox? Pretty good, eh?!

Total Est. Value of my June Birchbox = $26.66
Not bad for paying $10! AND you get points on their site for reviewing their products! Points that turn into BirchBUCKS! Woo!
What was in your Birchbox??


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