Monday, August 18, 2014

Julep Maven August 2014 Review "Classic with a Twist" + Coupon Codes!

Julep Maven :: August 2014 Review :: Classic with a Twist

I missed the selection window because of classes and moving to a different town, so I emailed them and asked if I could switch my box before they were shipped out because I wasn't too fond of the nail colors for Classic with a Twist. They were SO nice about it and said it was already being sent out but that I could return it for 2,000 jules (which I could apply to my next maven box) or for a $19.99 gift card. I chose the gift card so I could have the freedom to buy other polishes if I wanted. *SURPRISE* They said they could send me the gift card and I could still keep the box! WHAT! Awesome! Thanks Julep! I mean, I did pay for it, but it's kinda like getting the box at half price since I could potentially get two boxes for the price of one (assuming I use the gift card to pay for my next box). 



This one is actually more purple than blue.

"Gel Eye Glider" - Blackest Black
I like the texture and consistency. It was pretty waterproof too, at least on my hand. I tried it on my eye. It goes on a little thick but you can get a thin line with sharpening. It was a little hard to wash off, even with makeup remover for waterproof makeup. 


"JULEPPERK" = 30% off your order
"EMMYS" = $20 off $50+ order (sale that's happening on the website currently)

++New Member Sign-up Deals++

"HELLOYOU" = Free FIRST box of 3 polishes and a beauty item! (pay $2.99 S&H)


"FREESIZZLE" = Sign up for a 3 month subscription and get your 1st box FREE box with 4 polishes and an eyeliner, then pay $19.99 per box for the next two. (Reg price for the new maven boxes are $24.99. I signed up a few years ago and didn't switch to the customizable box so mine is still $19.99)

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