Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Beauty box 5 August 2014 #2 Review!

So, I got an email from Beauty Box 5  saying that they messed up and sent me the wrong box, so they sent me the correct August one for free! Woo! I don't mind shipping errors when I get more stuff ;)

It looks like they have a standard set of items that they send out to everyone every month. Not much, if any, variation. I got one item that seemed to vary between boxes. See it below;)

They really pack a lot into such a tiny box!

Purlisse Pur-Protect SPF 30 Sunscreen: 15mL = $16.40 value

Wow, I was a little shocked at how expensive this sunscreen is! I don't think I'll ever buy sunscreen that pricey, but I don't mind getting samples of it! I haven't tried it yet but will when it's more sunny outside.

La Fresh Travel Lite Makeup Remover Wipes: 1 packet = $0.42

This packet is SO cute! I love tiny things! Great for your travel bag or that first night camping when you still have makeup on! ;) These come in a pack of 48 packets for $19.99. A little steep for makeup wipes. Honestly I would prob end up not washing off my makeup, but I also don't wear foundation. I use tinted moisturizer. Buuuut, I should wash my face more to stop ugly breakouts that keep happening! :(

Nanacoco Lip Gloss: 22 fl.oz. = $3.99

This one is full size! Nice! It's pretty thick and opaque, I think I'm going to give it to a friend who can pull off this color better than I can.

Novex Brazilian Keratin: 30g = $0.64

I'm interested in trying this out. Sorta think it'll weight down my thin hair but I'll update when I try it out.

Style Essentials Nail Polish: 1 polish = $1.75

This one comes in a pack of 4 for $7. This color is pretty young looking but I tried it out anyway because it reminds me of mermaids :D I could barely see any glitter, it took a lot of polish to get some on. It took forever to get it off with remover. I don't think I'll use this again lol I'll probably give it away.

Total Value of August 2014 Beauty Box 5 = ~$22.98

I've barely used any of these things but it was a fun box to get. Like little stocking stuffers lol



  1. Hi

    Did you ever hear back from SpicyS and did they refund you the money or cancel the account?
    I experiencing the same problem with them

    Thank you

    1. Hi Nini bk! Thanks for the question:)
      No, I never received a response after emailing Spicy Subscriptions the last time and definitely did not get a refund :( I still get promo emails to order more, but no way! Lol! I didn't like how they handled their customer service issues at all!
      How has your experience been with them? I'm curious :)